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collars as strong as you are

OSO Barbell was a company born out of a need. Born out of a frustration for the alternative. Who hasn’t either had weights move during a heavy lifting day or struggled to get those spring collars on/off quickly when seconds count. OSO Barbell set out to make a better collar, and that is just what we did.

The OSO Barbell collars, conceived by Industrial Design Engineers, with input from all over the Crossfit world, were only meant to be functional. However, the finished product was something quite different. Not only will theses collars keep weights in place, but they will look good while doing it.

OSO Barbell is committed to making quality products here in the USA. Check back often as we aren’t done creating just yet. More innovate products to come.


Tyler Stilson

Product Development

Tyler's job is to ensure that OSO continues to evolve by bringing us exciting new products. As an engineer and machinist for the last 20 years, he takes a ton of pride in making products that are extremely functional and can take a beating.

Sara Stilson

Sales & Marketing

Sara's job is to make sure that you can get products when you want them! She manages our website, our partnerships, it cannot be found in our booth at events across the country. She is also the brains behind ARO, OSO's newest brand!

Thomas Ward

Product Development

As his title implies, this guy is in charge of making things happen. One of Tom's main responsibilities is to ensure that the OSO products are not only functional, by pleasing on the eyes as well. He is the master of pretty.

Adam Loomis

Product Development

Adams responsibilities encompass everything it takes to get our awesome products through production. He can be found ordering material, running parts, and even putting together many bars on occasion. There's no job too big or small for this guy.

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