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    Titan Poly

    The Titan Poly uses the same technology as the Titan but with a Nylon body as opposed to aluminum. The entire body acts as a spring to keep equal and constant pressure on a variety of bar sizes. Your plates will stay put on that EZ Curl Bar you bought in high school as well as your band new Olympic Bar. There are interchangeable rubber plugs that allow you to use the same clamp body for both standard bars and strongman axle bars (Axle plugs coming soon!). You can customize your Titan Poly with different color plugs. Why upgrade to the Titan? Because pound for pound, it’s the best collar on the market.

    Please note that the Titan Poly comes standard with Red plugs. During the purchase of collars you may add additional Titan Plugs at ½ price. Sold in packs of 4.

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