OSO Safety Blocks

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Easier Loading of the Barbell When It’s On the Ground
When you're lifting from the floor, swapping out heavy plates can be time consuming and frustrating, particularly in a gym setting where multiple athletes are using the same bar. OSO Safety Blocks enable weightlifters to roll any standard barbell onto a stable, elevated surface. When the chocks are underneath the inside plates, loading or removing weight is dramatically simpler and easier.




Athlete Safety
Whether training as part of group workout / class or in the close confines of a garage gym (where the
floor is often sloped for drainage purposes), a rolling barbell can pose a significant safety hazard.
OSO Safety Blocks solve this problem, as well, providing a convenient stabilizing anchor with a 6”
wide platform for easy loading. Simply roll the bar off the chocks when you’re ready to use it, then roll it back into position when you’re done.


  • Sold as pair
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Width: 6”
  • Holds barbell in elevated position off ground for easier loading and to prevent rolling
  • Color: Gray with OSO and Rogue branding


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